Colour range of natural dyes

Hand Dyed Woollen Cloth For Recreating Historical Clothing

"The Dyer" from the Book Of Trades - 1568I have been using natural dyes for over twenty five years and I dye woollen cloth using period natural dyes and techniques for re-enactors, museums, theatre and the heritage industry. All the cloth is dyed by hand using only the materials and techniques available to the craftsmen of the time.

The colours produced from natural dyes are unlike anything that can be produced by modern chemical dyes. They are much less stable than modern dyes and they will fade and change over time when exposed to light. This results in a much more authentic look to clothes made from it.

If you are looking for cloth that is perfectly even in colour, has no patchiness or variations across the piece and won't change over time then this is not for you but if you want cloth that ages and fades just like the clothing of the past then this is perfect for the job.

Karl Robinson - Leatherworker

I also make historically accurate leatherwork using leather that is dyed using historical dyes. Please visit my leather work site for more information.

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